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We offer a range of accessories and ancillary products to support your cleanroom and critical environments, including tapes, markers, labels and cleanroom paper.

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Popular cleanroom ancillary products

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Featured cleanroom ancillary products


Micronova M-Zone™ Cleanroom Tools & Accessories

Many cleaning challenges fall outside the realm of simple surface cleaning. Isolator, safety cabinets and hoods, piping, tanks and chambers all pose a challenge whether after shutdown or during day-to-day operation. The Micronova M-Zone™ products offer a range of tools to match these complex cleaning tasks.


Micronova Cleanroom Pens

Cleanroom Pens feature a low-sodium ink and a special high-density poly barrel to limit particle generation. Irradiated Gel Retractable Pens feature IPA resistant black or blue ink. LabMarkers feature permanent, quick drying, IPA resistant ink that marks on cold or wet surfaces, plastic bags or disposable labware. Marks will not smear on reusable glass, metal or porcelain labware but can be scrubbed off.


Micronova Buckets, Carts and Wringers

Micronova has a range of cleanroom buckets, carts, wringers and accessories to meet the needs of cleanroom environments.


Texwipe Tacky Mats

CleanStep™ is the preferred choice in adhesive mats and frames for cleanrooms and critical areas. Constructed from the highest grade polyethylene (mats) and polystyrene (frames), this contamination control system grabs and retains particulates from foot- and wheel-borne contaminants.


Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs

Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs range from Microdenier, Polyester, CleanFoam®, ESD-Safe, General Purpose, Cotton and a Specialty line that features the pre-wetted CrushTube™ Swab; Texwipes swabs are manufactured using high-precision automated processes, resulting in swabs constructed to exacting and consistent tolerances, lot coded for traceability and quality control.


Micronova Cleanroom Tapes

Micronova stocks over 300 different types, colours and widths of cleanroom tape to ensure we meet your specific needs.


Texwipe Stationary and Tapes

Texwipe has a range of Cleanroom Paper, Notebooks, Labels, Tapes and Adhesive Mats – products that keep your cleanroom clean.

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